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COVID information

Winnie has been adopted.  Thanks Aimee and Sam for giving her a forever home. 



Winnie is a 1 ½ year old black female. She is healthy, spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and has also had a gastropexy.


Winnie is house-trained and does not get on the furniture. She is not kenneled and sleeps through the night on her bed in the bedroom. She naps on her beds during the day, placed in the living room, bedroom and office... wherever her people are, there she is. Due to COVID, Winnie has not been left at home alone and is used to people being home throughout the day. She is given free roam of the house during the day and there have been no issues. She will go to the door when needing to go outside. She is crate trained, and has been crated when the family needs to leave the home for errands, etc.

Winnie knows the basic commands of heel, come, sit, stay, lie down, and to your bed (place). She completed a two-week offsite obedience course in April 2021, but would greatly benefit from continued positive reinforcement training while also building a bond with her new family. She is currently being e-collar trained and is doing well with it.


Winnie is being re-homed due to a concern about her reactivity (resource guarding behavior) to another dog and food. She has been raised with a smaller, older dog and has shown some aggression towards her when food is involved (dog or human food). 


Winnie is a sweet girl and loves meeting people of all ages. She originally came from a home with children and has been around them her whole life. She does play well with other dogs, but no food can be involved. She lived in a home with a cat but likes to chase it.


She would do best with an experienced adopter who is used to living with a Great Dane and setting consistent boundaries and expectations. Since she does have the reactivity to food, she will not be placed in a home with small children. She will need to have a fenced yard. She travels well in the car, so will be a good companion to go on those summer walks.


Are you an adoptive family looking to add an amazing one and only dog to your home? If so, please contact me.


Home checks will be required.  Re-homing fee may apply